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David Wynn Trophy for the Best Red Wine

It is evident David Wynn saw that it was not enough just to make great wine, but that a concerted marketing effort would be required for Australians to accept table wines as part of their lives. David’s father, Samuel Wynn, was a successful Melbourne wine merchant and was familiar with the attributes of Coonawarra. However when the opportunity arose to purchase Chateau Comaum (the old Riddoch winery) and vineyards, Samuel was not convinced it would be a good viticultural investment, largely due to a report indicating the property would be unviable for wine production. David was not as cautious as his father and courageously went ahead with the purchase.

Securing the help of Ian Hickinbotham, Wynn’s main aim was to combine the wines produced with “an advertising campaign in Melbourne to make Coonawarra famous. People when thinking of Claret, would then think of Coonawarra”. What ensued was the distinctive branding of Wynns Coonawarra Estate and its position in the market as one of the first quality wines of Australia.

Whilst Wynns Coonawarra Estate was positioned at the connoisseur end of the market and it is thought he was the first wine producer to promote wine and food combinations with recipe neck tags, David Wynn was also visionary in ensuring everyday Australians could have access to good quality and affordable table wines. This came about by Wynn introducing the first wine flagon in Australia and the pioneering of the wine cask.

After the sale of Wynns, David went on to establish with his son Adam, Mountadam Wines in the high Eden Valley, which was one of Australia’s pioneers in Chardonnay production and again focussing on the upper end of the market.

David Wynn’s achievements were acknowledged with the receipt the 1993 Maurice O’Shea Award for outstanding contribution to the Australian Wine Industry.

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