What is the LCGWC?

The Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council Incorporated [LCGWC] is a non-government and not-for-profit entity formed in 1976 to represent the interests of the wine and vine sector and regions of the Limestone Coast.  

It has a constitution, recently amended, that outlines the objects and purposes of organisation and

  • works to the 2020-2025 strategic plan
  • looks to act in the interests of wine sector stakeholders by having active reference groups, subcommittees and representations to government and industry bodies.
  • is primarily funded by a voluntary levy scheme that captures 70-75% of grape vine hectares in the greater limestone coast region.
  • has active federal funding deeds in research and innovation.
  • provides the accounting and tax systems to run all activities, including a not-for-profit wineshow.

What is its role?

  • be the peak-body representing the interests of the member regions, vineyards, and wineries of the Limestone Coast.
  • provide a framework for wine sector stakeholders to regularly exchange ideas, spend money, discuss concerns, and act on important advocacy issues.
  • capacity to respond to biosecurity issues. 
  • capacity to respond to issues requiring expert advice. (In both research and advocacy)
  • be ‘at the table’ and a reliable presence within the Agri-business space.

What Value does it provide?

  • have a desk, contact point and mailbox to help facilitate communications between all wine sector organisations and stakeholder groups and maintain an online record of activities undertaken.
  • to have representations and affiliations that complement the work the undertaken by other regional organisations and endeavour to avoid duplication thereof. (see list below)
  • to run an annual sponsored and independent, not-for-profit regional wineshow
  • to have an asset register and an annual operating budget plan.
  • to invest in and provide the framework to maintain monies in trust and insurance thereof.
  • to be responsive when advocacy is required.

Name Changes over time – The Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council Incorporated was established in 1976, it was formally known as the South-East Viticultural Council & Limestone Coast Wine Industry Council.


The Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council has representations and affiliations with

Wine Australia – Research Division

Wine Australia – $50M Support package

Landscapes SA Limestone Coast – Adaptive Ag Grants

Primary Industries and Regions SA

South Australian Research and Development Institute – SARDI

Vinehealth Australia

Wine Grapes Council of South Australia

Australian Grape and Wine 

SAWIA – South Australian Wine Industry Association

ASVO – Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology

Mixed Dozen Wine Trials – Limestone Coast Local Government Association, Southern Grampians Shire, Glenelg Shire.