Biosecurity – working with Vine Health Australia & Australian Grape & Wine…

Biosecurity relationships is within the scope of the technical sub-committee.  [Focus and Initiate]

  • VHA is funded mainly by statutory levies within South Australia. 
    • We will get an update from Inca and Suzanne on red-blotch virus at the next meeting.  There will be a Q&A on other issues wine sector stakeholders may have. 
  • Australian grape and wine (AGW) are our national lobby and works closely with Wine Australia on all aspects of biosecurity.  AGW is funded by professional memberships.
    • Ben Harris and Ulrich Grey-Smith have undertaken training and will be points of contact if an incident occurs that needs local management. Luckily none to so-far.
  • Strategic thinking and tasks in this area relies on *volunteers and voluntary levies from the 6 regional associations and contributing vineyards.   (Is not -self funded)
    • *Thank you to the companies, organizations and individuals that are involved by technical committee attendance, your inputs in this area are invaluable.
    • Spray Drift impact reminders will appear in local newspapers and socials – your voluntary levies at work…  

The Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council is the umbrella organisation for the regions and all vineyards within Limestone Coast GIZ. The council will act in areas of advocacy if and when its members and stakeholders identify a risk to;

spray drift,

water security,

aquifer health,

‘green and clean’ image,

short-medium-long term climate change effects,

general livelihood within the sector,

For more information, contact us.