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Wine Australia Releases BPM for GrapeVine Virus.

Regional Partners Program extended for Extra-Year & Priority Setting day NOW will be in September 2022.

Climate, Soils & Geology

The Limestone Coast is unique in it’s geology and geography due to the variety of natural features that exist within the area known as the Otway basin.

Unearthing Viticulture in the Limestone Coast First Edition was Published in 2011.

Revisions can also be found on this site.

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Unearthing Culture & Practices

More than just Terrior. We speak to the pioneers and see and hear how they went about planting their patch and their winemaking. Good learnings here, the ideas and techniques that worked have lead us to decisions we make today.

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Wine Trails

Explore the Limestone Coast Wine Trails. This is a itinerary planner collaborating with district councils and shires in South Australia and Victoria.

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See our maps that include soil types, contours and regional uniqueness. Downloadable and part of Unearthing our viticulture.

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Welcome to the Limestone Coast Grape & Wine Council

Started in 1976 to represent the interests of the Wine Sector in the ‘South East of South Australia’. Limestone Coast was gazetted as a internationally recognised regional viticultural zone in 1999. It has six member regions and significant vineyard area classified as Limestone Coast Other. Vitalstatics HERE.