Soil Stewardship Recipients Announced

Investing in our people & soils: Limestone Coast Soil Stewardship program recipients announced.


Times have undoubtably been tough in recent years in the grape and wine game, even somewhere as well suited to viticulture & agriculture in general, like the Limestone Coast.


However times like this sort out long term players who genuinely care about the past, present & future.


The Limestone Coast Grape & Wine Council continues to show wonderful long term vision for what they know is a sustainable area for high quality grape growing & wine production.


Recent projects like ‘Unearthing Viticulture in the Limestone Coast’  and  the ‘Culture project’.  These projects show the depth, humility and resilience of the natural resources and people who live and work there.


A new project has just been announced and is being co-ordinated by Ben Harris, Chair of the Limestone Coast Grape & Wine Council Technical committee and  Vineyard Manager of Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate, Dr Mardi Longbottom, Padthaway grape grower and Senior Viticulturist at the Australian Wine Research Institute and Sue Bell,winemaker at Bellwether.



The four talented recipients of a place in the program are:

Anna Hooper

(Winemaker Cape Jaffa)

Luke Tocacui

(Winemaker/Director Patrick wines, Coonawarra).

Kim Longbottom

(Proprietor Henry’s Drive Vignerons)

Nick Baverstock

(Vineyard Manager, Penfolds Robe Vineyards)


The participants will travel to WA, Adelaide, the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and Victoria meeting peers and experts from other industries to devise a long term soil management strategy for the Limestone Coast. Their journey will start in the Coorong in the Limestone Coast and will end in Coonawarra where they will present their plan.


The program is supported by funding from the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation’s regional program, the Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council and the Australian Wine Research Institute.


‘We are hoping they will help build on recent projects, adding more depth and devise creative local solutions that value the world famous resources we work with’ says Sue, ‘the recipients come from different disciplines & regions across our zone, we have a great facilitator, Russell Fisher from Sustainability in mind, based in Victoria.


For further information about the program, please contact Ulrich Grey-Smith, Executive Officer Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council on 0429 499 355 or by email: