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UV MtGambier Edition with Maps

Produced in 2018 by Ben Harris & Kerry DeGaris of LCGWC Technical Committee (2017-2018) with help from PIRSA SAWIDS Grants Program and Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council.

Mount Gambier Edition
Unearthing Viticulture
in the Limestone Coast
The climate, geology, soils, hydrology and environment of
South Australia’s Limestone Coast
Compiled by
Mardi Longbottom
Contributing authors
Mardi Longbottom, David Maschmedt and Markus Pichler
© Copyright 2011 – Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Industry Council
First edition published October 2011
Design by helloFriday
ISBN 978-0-646-56744-0

Three pdf items are are available at library checkout.

  1. Mount Gambier Edition 2018

2. Mount Gambier Topography and Soil

3. Mount Gambier Soil Types