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Organic Weed Control Padthaway 2020

The Report is available

“Is organic weed control beneficial for winegrape production in the Limestone Coast?”
Project number: UA1901
Principal Investigator: Dr Thomas Lines
Project Supervisor: Dr Vinay Pagay
Prof. Tim Cavagnaro
Research organisation: The University of Adelaide
Date: 30th June 2020
Author details:
Dr Thomas Lines; thomas.lines@adelaide.edu.au

This trial was conducted to better understand how non-standard weed management practices (such as mulching, compost with mulch and mechanical weeding) compare to undervine herbicide application in Padthaway, South Australia. Across the 2020, vintage soil physicochemical properties, leaf blade nutrient composition, plant available nitrogen and yields were quantified. Results showed that immediate changes in canopy size (leaf area) were detectable, berry juice pH was significantly lower, titratable acidity and yeast assimilable nitrogen significantly higher for the mulch and compost treatment than for other treatments. These effects might be explained by significant increases in soil and leaf nitrogen or phosphorous, or significant differences in soil moisture.