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Limestone Coast Vineyard and Wine Literature Review 2021

Background and Synopsis

This Literature Review was complied by Peter Bissell | curated by AWRI and Ulrich Grey-Smith, September 2021

This 2021 Project was funded by Wine Australia’s Regional Program and pulls together some 80 articles and research papers that have used vineyards, grapes and wine in the Limestone Coast spanning the last 35 years.  This project pulls together articles under the headings of

  • a. Soils and Soil Management
  • b. Vine Density and Canopy Management
  • c. Clonal and Rootstock evaluation
  • d. Irrigation Management
  • e. Remote Sensing and Precision Viticulture
  • f. Pest and Disease Management
  • g. Water Quality
  • h. Climate Change Effects
  • i. Varietal Flavour and Chemistry
  • j. Regions and Tourism (Other)

Article Access and downloads

Each Article appears as Library Item here on this site with search-filters and a background on each.

  • We house … of the 80 papers in our library, with PDF downloads available – free.
  • The Australian Wine Research Institute have have …. of the papers available via AWRI Information packs
  • Third Party Websites that may have pay-walls – …. Articles.