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Italian Pruners Workshops 2018

Where: Coonawarra & Wrattonbully.

When: Wednesday July 4 2018 & Thursday July 5th 2018

The techniques behind ‘soft-pruning’ were extended to Limestone Coast grape growers in July by the self-proclaimed Italian ‘pruning-guys’, Simonet and Sirch who have taken the Australian viticultural industry by storm over the past few pruning seasons.

Known for their modified Pousset methodology for pruning grapevines where by an understanding of the way a grapevine moves nutrients and water and thereby choosing canes that provide an uninterrupted supply of sap is one of the fundamental take home messages.

These workshops consisted of a two hour technical session where you learn about the methodology before heading out for 2 hours in a vineyard to put into practice what they have been teaching.

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