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Eutypa Spore Traps

Eutypa Spore traps have been installed in various vineyards within our region. 

This is a long term SARDI project.  The LCGWC is an industry partner and therefore receives regular reports.

Project Summary
Eutypa and botryosphaeria dieback are fungal trunk diseases that reduce yield, cause vine decline and
eventually death of grapevines. Australian vineyards are increasingly affected by grapevine trunk disease,
threatening the sustainability of our wine industry, which contributes $40 billion to the Australian economy.
Many advances have been made in understanding the extent and distribution of pathogens, along with
efficient methods of pruning wound management and control of grapevine trunk diseases, in past projects
supported by AGWA. However, due to the climatic diversity of Australian wine regions, gaps in the
knowledge have been identified, such as inoculum dispersal and wound susceptibility, with implications
for management of these diseases. Wound coverage is correlated to efficacy of control, so there is
potential to maximise coverage with fungicide adjuvants. Remedial surgery is an effective method of
controlling eutypa-affected vines, but this method is yet to be proven to provide control of botryosphaeria
dieback, and methods to improve the rate of vine regrowth are lacking. Evaluating disease susceptibility
of clones and rootstocks could lead to identification of tolerant planting material. Concerns with the role of
grapevine propagation in the spread of trunk disease need to be addressed, particularly with
understanding the threshold of infection and abiotic factors that lead to vine decline, using highly sensitive
molecular diagnostic tools. The proposed project aims to address these gaps by;

(i) developing climate specific recommendations to minimise infection,
(ii) optimising wound protection and remedial surgery techniques,
(iii) assessing susceptibility of clones and rootstocks, and
(iv) investigating infection thresholds for grapevine propagation material.

There are 4 annual pdf reports available to download from our library.  These are 20 page reports.