Limestone Coast Irrigators asked to complete survey in June-July 2016

Board Partnerships Help Support Irrigation Extension in South East

Through the South East Natural Resource Board’s “Partnerships Funding Program”, the Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council have secured funding to conduct an extensive survey and workshops on problems facing irrigators through groundwater quality and movement towards best management practices to overcome these issues.

During the months of June & July the Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council will be conducting a survey of regional Irrigators from intensive horticulture to irrigated pastures to gain a better understanding for regional irrigators of the problems they are facing with Iron and Sulphate bacteria, calcium deposits, salinity and the impacts of these on infrastructure and the costs and methods that are being employed to remediate these issues. The results of this survey will allow the association to better target research and extension on the management of these problems to the irrigators through a series of workshops and publications later in the year. For more details on this visit the LCGWC website or contact Ulrich Grey-Smith

complete survey