June: Grapevine Nutrition Workshop in Padthaway

Grapevine Nutrition workshop returns to the Limestone Coast

Understanding grapevine nutrition and how this influences yield and quality will be focus of a one day workshop on Tuesday June 5 at Treasury Wine Estates Padthaway.

Utilising the well-known Research to Practice training module developed by the CRC for viticulture and updated by the AWRI –, the Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council (LSCGWC) will run a one-day course on the topic of grapevine nutrition.  The day will be coordinated by Drs Mardi Longbottom and Kerry DeGaris from the Australian Wine Research Institute. Both Mardi and Kerry are well-known locals with expertise in grapevine nutrition.

To ensure the day is tailored to the Limestone Coast, a survey has been created to enable local grapegrowers to identify their nutritional practices and challenges. The link to the survey is located on the LSCGWC website and can be found here.

Grapevine nutrition management, principles of nutrition, key grapevine nutrients, managing nutrition in the vineyard and measurement tools and techniques will be the main topics of discussion.

The day can be a refresher for those who have been in the industry for a while but also an introduction for new growers in the region.

The day is subsidised by the Wine Australia regional program with a cost of $25 per head to cover catering.

To register please go to the LSCGWC website: 

For more information contact: Kerry DeGaris (0417) 408796 or Mardi Longbottom (08) 83136600