technical workshop and projects update 7Feb23

Come along to this pre-vintage workshop and find out the latest developments and reports into our regional partner activities.

This workshop is for Limestone Coast based vineyard operators, viticulturists, vignerons, agronomists, winemakers, winery staff, researchers and supply-chain business owners.  This will be an in-person opportunity to hear expert presentations and meet the project leaders, with plenty of time allocated to Q&A sessions.


  • Smoke sensor network (Ian Porter)
  • Soils carbon (Thomas Lines & Kerry DeGaris)
  • Vignettes (Cath Kidman)
  • What’s new in the online library and the meso-net network (Hans Loder)
  • VineHealth Australia activities – things to know in the limestone coast (Inca Lee)
  • Ag Tech demonstrations (Dave Gerner)
  • Research, Development, Extension and Adoption priorities in the regional Partners program with Wine Australia (Paul Smith)


We will have a cash tin on the day for any late registrations.


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