Before the main event – vintage 2017 – come and participate in a field walk/seminar

Before the main event – vintage 2017 – come and participate in a field walk/seminar 

Wednesday March 22, will be a half day where grape growers can mingle amongst Coonawarra Cabernet vines assessing rootstocks as well as learning about the latest research on Eutypa and participate in the launch of a best management practice guide for iron bacteria.

Commencing at 8am at the Coonawarra Hall, participants will be ferried to the Coonawarra Cabernet Rootstock trial to listen to Suzanne McLoughlin from Vine Health Australia present the latest data from the trial which commenced in 2009/10. Growers will be able to physically see the rootstocks and developing fruit and be able to determine how they perform on a commercial basis. 

Following on from morning tea back at the Coonawarra Hall, Mark Sosnowski (South Australian Research Development Institute) will present on a newly funded project titled: Grapevine trunk disease management for vineyard longevity in diverse climates of Australia. This project commenced in January 2017 and has a co-investment from the LSCGWC to ensure the region continues to be at the forefront of Eutypa research and management.

The final presenter of the day will be Glenn Harrington (Innovative Ground Water solutions) who will introduce the results of the Irrigating from the unconfined aquifer survey (undertaken in August/Sept 2016). Additionally Glenn will launch the  best management practice guide which stemmed from the survey as a tool to assist farmers in the LSC understand how to manage the unique qualities of the irrigation water sourced from the unconfined aquifer. This includes iron bacteria, salinity and high levels of calcium and magnesium.

Bought to you by the Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council as part of the Regional program of Wine Australia. Other partners include Coonawarra Vignerons, Vine Health Australia and SENRM.

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Further information: Kerry DeGaris (0417) 408 796 or Cath Kidman (0439) 352 143