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Letter of Agreement: Successful candidates will be required to sign a contract with the Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council to formalise arrangements and clarify financial arrangements pertaining to the program.


Expenses: The Limestone Coast Soil Leaders Program allocates a specific amount of money to cover travel, accommodation, meals and research costs. Additional contributions may be required by the participants. These will be fully outlined prior to program commencement. Any insurance requirements will need to be covered by the successful applicant.


Changes in circumstances: If for any reason the successful candidate is unable to meet the obligations set out in the contract prior to undertaking the project, the Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council reserves the right to cancel or postpone the nomination. If the candidate fails to meet the obligations after the completion of the project, the Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council, or one of the program partners, can undertake appropriate actions to recover part or all of the Program expenses.





Commencement: The Program will commence in February 2014 and shall conclude in December 2014. Extension to this time frame can be awarded by the selection panel.




Applications will be assessed on their individual merits directly against the selection criteria and with an emphasis on diversity of skills and experience.


Close of applications: Applications received after the closing date of 5pm on the 31th January 2014 will not be accepted.


Length: Applicants are required to ensure that application responses do not exceed the allocated word count.


Reference: Applicants are required to provide contact details for two referees.


Requirements: Applicants are required to provide all information outlined in these guidelines by the closing date. Failure to meet all requirements will result in the application not being considered.


Selection Process: A selection panel will assess all applications, from which a short list of applicants will be chosen for interviewing.


Final Selection: The selection panel decisions on the successful applicant will be final.







Title: Ms Mr Dr

Surname: _________________________  First Name: ___________________ Initial:___________

Date of Birth: __________________________

Postal address: ___________________________________________________________________

State: __________ P/code: _____________

Email: _______________________________________________________

Phone (W): _______________________ Phone (H): _________________________

Phone (M): _______________________ Fax: ____________________________

Occupation / job title: _______________________________________________

Current employer: __________________________________________________

How did you find out about the Soil Leaders Program?

□ Newspaper

□ Radio

□ Industry association/organisation/person, please specify _______________________________

Other, please specify ______________________________________






(Please keep responses within the word count)



  1. Describe your interest/contribution to environmental sustainability, grape grower and wine maker organisations, committees, and voluntary groups, and any relevant positions held in these groups. What have been your major achievements in this time? If you have not been involved in these activities, what have been the major barriers to your being involved? If you have previously not had the time or interest to become actively involved, what conditions have changed that now enable you to seek involvement in the community (250 words)?





  1. What do you believe are the two (2) most critical soil issues currently facing the Limestone Coast, and what steps do you think grape growers and winemakers should take to address these issues (250 words)?




  1. Please describe an innovative soil management practice that you have been involved with or observed and the impact it has had on production? If you have not implemented an innovative soil management practice, a) what would you like to implement and b) what have the major barriers been to its implementation (250 words)?





  1. Why do you want to be part of this program (250 words)?





  1. What is your vision for the Limestone Coast wine in 100 years AND what do we need to do now to get there (250 words)?







I have read and understood the Limestone Coast Soil Stewardship Program Instructions and Application Guidelines.


I declare that the information provided in this application is true and correct.


I agree that the organisers may use the information disclosed in this application for marketing or promotional purposes and that information may be disclosed in accordance with the Information Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988.


I have read and agree to the conditions outlined in the Information to Applicants

Dated this day of 2012



Signature of applicant Signature of witness





Name of applicant (print) Name of witness (print)


Note: witnesses must be over 18 years old and not related to the applicant