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Limestone Coast Vineyard and Wine Literature Review 2021

Limestone Coast Vineyard and Wine Literature Review 2021

Background and Synopsis

This Literature Review was complied by Peter Bissell and curated by Ulrich Grey-Smith, June 2021

This 2021 Project was funded by Wine Australia’s Regional Program and pulls together some 80 articles and research papers that have used vineyards, grapes and wine in the Limestone Coast spanning the last 35 years.  This project pulls together articles under the headings of

  • Soils and Soil Management
  • Vine Density and Canopy Management
  • Clonal and Rootstock evaluation
  • Irrigation Management
  • Remote Sensing and Precision Viticulture
  • Pest and Disease Management
  • Water Quality
  • Climate Change Effects
  • Varietal Flavour and Chemistry
  • Regions and Tourism (Other)

Even with these headings, making these 80 articles into accessible library items was a task that required a number of ways to index and key. We recommend you use either the filtering options within our library or down load the table with direct links.

Library User Guide

These headings are included in the FILTER – TYPES in our library plug-in.  Please take your time and explore the library-resource, with additional articles and videos extra to this project.  

All articles and papers are subject to the copyright act 1968.  For instance, articles sourced from the John Fornachon Memorial Library will have a  declaration under section 49 (1) of the Copyright Act 1968.

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Permissions have been granted by the publishers, with some papers having a download cost to meet royalty obligations. 

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