What’s On



What’s On

LCGWC Technical Sub Committee Meeting

When: 1:30pm, Thursday 3rd December 2015

Where: Smith and Hooper Offices, Wrattonbully

RSVP attendence to [email protected]



  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of previous meeting
  4. Business arising from previous minutes
  5. Wine Australia FY15/16 projects and steering committees

5.1 Alternative Energy options for vineyards & wineries

A. Hooper/M.Longbottom/B.Harris

5.2 Alternative practices tutored tastings and workshop.

P. Gordon /S. Bell

5.3 Berry Sensory Workshop.

K. DeGaris/J. Freckleton/S. Bell

5.4 Eutypa Management Workshop.

K.DeGaris/C. Kidman

5.5 Alternative variety study for regions of LSC.

S. Brown/A. Hooper/ C.Wotton

5.6 Using Tractor mounted optical sensors to assess grapevine canopy (Carry-over from FY14/15 funding).


5.7 Workshop-sensory & technological aspects to berry sorting (Carry-over from FY2014/15). Combined with Berry Sensory w/s.  

  1. Biosecurity and vine health
    1. Heat shed
    2. Outbreak management plans for region – status, progress, annual review
    3. Incident report
    4. General biosecurity advice
    5. Vine health issues in region
  2. Correspondence
    1. Entwine in the LSC
    2. NRM Grants available – close December 7
  3. Other Business

8.1 FY16/17 suggested projects

  1. Next meeting

pdf version here AGENDA_LSCGWC Tech Committee 3rd December 2015


Alternate Varieties Survey is Open.