Contact Details

Limestone Coast Grape & Wine Council Inc.
PO Box 28
Coonawarra 5263
Contact: Ulrich Grey-Smith

Last AGM was held on 17th September 2014, committee of management was elected;

Chairman: Pete Bissell

Vice-Chair: James Freckleton

Treasurer: Terry Strickland

Secretary / Executive Officer: Ulrich Grey-Smith (ex officio appointment)

Wine Show Sub-Committee: Greg Foster

Technical Sub-Committee: Ben Harris

Unconventional Shale Gas Policy Sub-Committee: Stuart Sharman

Committee Of Management;

  • Dan Newson (CGWI),
  • Andrew Bryson (PGGA),
  • Anna Hooper (MBVA),
  • James Freckleton (WWIA),
  • Bill Quinlan-Watson (RGG),
  • Terry Strickland (MG),
  • Barry Mulligan (CPGG),
  • Bruce Guthrie (MWIA),
  • Anita Goode (Vigneron),
  • Stuart Sharman (USG),
  • Allen Jenkins (Water),
  • Pete Bissell (Winemaker),
  • Dr Mardi Longbottom (grape grower),
  • Greg Foster (WineShow),
  • Ben Harris (Tech) (15)

Next AGM will be in September 2015.