Contact Details

Limestone Coast Grape & Wine Council Inc.
PO Box 28
Coonawarra 5263
Administration Officer: Ulrich Grey-Smith

Chairman: Brendan Provis

Vice-Chair: Pete Bissell

Treasurer: Terry Strickland

Secretary / Executive Officer: Ulrich Grey-Smith (ex officio appointment)

Wine Show Sub-Committee: Bruce Gregory

Technical Sub-Committee: Ben Harris

Unconventional Shale Gas Policy Sub-Committee: Stuart Sharman

Committee Of Management;

Dan Newson (CGA), John Rymill (CVA), Andrew Bryson (PGGA), Anna Hooper (MBVA), James Freckleton (WWIA), Bill Quinlan-Watson (RGG), Terry Strickland (MG), Barry Mulligan (CPGG), Trent Reilly (MWIA), Frank DiGiorgio (Lucindale), Brendan Provis (grape grower), Allen Jenkins (Water), Pete Bissell (Winemaker), Dr Mardi Longbottom (grape grower), Bruce Gregory (WineShow), Ben Harris (Tech) (15)




Next AGM will be in October/November 2014.